Cloud Atlas

corporate family landscape photography bay area san jose pescadero clouds sky

Delicately fluted clouds
Spangled over Pescadero marsh
Just a stone’s throw from the coast.
The ocean may have been angry that day, my friends.
But the scudding clouds were something beautiful to behold.

31 mm | f/5.0 | 1/2500 | ISO 200

In other words, fast.
I made the image in a sliver of a second,
Which shows you just how cool the clouds were yesterday.
I hope you enjoy.

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When I arrived, Baby was sound asleep.

baby newborn family photography bay area san francisco san jose

But when my shutter began to click, she woke.
She took one look at my ugly mug and drew the right conclusion, fast.

newborn family photography bay area san francisco san jose baby mom

Fortunately, Dad has a way with Baby.
And she began to calm down.

newborn family photography bay area san francisco san jose baby dad

Dad is great.
But Dad plus Mom is even better.
Baby began to rock to sleep.

newborn family photography bay area san francisco san jose baby dad mom

Before long, Baby achieved a state of perfect bliss.
Awake or asleep, that’s one beautiful kiddo.

newborn family photography bay area san francisco san jose sleeping baby

Oh, and Mom was delighted with the results.
Which makes me very happy.

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corporate photography bay area headshot portrait san jose professional linkedin

Call him Aaron.
He hails from the Midwest.
A young, ambitious IT professional,
He’s looking for a new kind of headshot.
We meet at Crema on The Alameda.
We talk about work and life.
There’s something different about him.
He’s polite in an old-fashioned way.
He tells me he’s not photogenic,
That he doesn’t like the way he looks in photographs.
Not only is he considerate, he’s likable, too.
Quiet and introspective,
He wants his portrait to have a cool-hip-creative vibe.
I tell him about an overpass with blue circles.
Something I’ve been eyeing for months.
He’s game.
We release the Birds
And fly through downtown San Jose.
As the sun reclines in the west,
The light is paradoxical under the overpass,
Both mottled and consistently even.
We don’t overthink it.
We hang out.
We shoot.

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On Your Mark

family kid photography bay area curpertino fremont older candid running

I’d like to tell you a story.
Four years ago, my kids had a footrace in the Uintas.
Gavin crushed Paige by a country mile.
But Paige’s form was flawless.
She moved through the clearing like a deer.
I gasped for the beauty of it.
I knew that Sister would catch Brother one day.
Last summer at the foot of Mt. Shasta,
They toed the starting line again.
Gavin smirked at Paige.
She met his cavalier attitude with insouciance.
With a Go, they were off!
Over-confident, Gavin teased Paige with a small gap.
At 50 yards, she closed it in earnest.
When she drew beside Gavin, a revelation exploded in his head.
Furiously, he pumped his arms.
He pounded the grass with his feet.
At 75 yards, his form began to fall apart.
But as Paige flew through space,
She became optimized for speed like a falcon.
With only a few yards to go,
Gavin desperately hurled himself across the finish line.
Chastened, he got up and dusted himself off.
Whew, he said, at least it was a tie!
Except it wasn’t.
Paige had beaten him by a foot or so.

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creative corporate photography bay area san jose los gatos executive portraits headshotsOriginality isn’t easy.
Case in point.
I’m on a corporate shoot with my client.
We’re having a blast.
Shooting like crazy.
Then this.
I want something different, she says.
You know, something unique.
Well, I like creative challenges, I say.
I pause, I ponder, I hatch a one-of-a-kind idea.
I ask for her mobile phone.
She gives it to me.
And I put it to good use.
Then I put my camera to good use.
A woman,
A woman represented,
And a woman represented is represented again.
The mind would reel if the image weren’t so straightforward.
Look at it again.
Not bad, not bad at all.
Well, later that night, after I go home,
It takes one minute of sleuthing on the web to discover that my “original” idea has been done countless times before.
Oh, well.
At least I got heart.
And I’m in good company.

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