Strike a Pose

Strong confident girl standing at the edge of lake tahoe

Meet my daughter.
Sometimes we whisper Rampage.
It’s often fitting.
She’s on the edge of Lake Tahoe,
Striking her signature pose,
Ready to drain its immensity at a glance.
She’s loving and sweet,
Especially toward her brother.
But she’s also tough as tumbleweed.
She likes earrings and bruises, dresses and scrapes.
Man, I hope she’s striking this pose 20, 30, 60 years from now.
How cool would that be?
Go, Paige, go!

The Power of Quiet

family photography solitary boy at church

That’s my son Gavin.
We were in Todos Santos.
He walked into a church and sat down.
I followed him, snapped this picture, and sat next to him.
We were quiet.
Three sparrows flew into the nave and perched in the chandelier, twittering and singing.
After a few minutes, they stopped and flew outside.
Gavin and I smiled at each other, then stood up, and followed them out.
Service was over.