Limekiln State Park

Paige and I are back from our first father-daughter camping trip. We went to Limekiln State Park south of Big Sur on HWY 1. Paige is effervescent and highly talkative. I learned A LOT. I learned that in her next life, she wants to be a four-leaf clover, because she wants to bring good luck to people. Either that, or a squirrel, because they’re…

Bay Area Family Photography

Outdoor family photography in the Bay Area rarely disappoints. Grasses, oaks, cottonwoods, sycamores, creeks, ranch-style fences, and other rural vestiges. Among all that beauty, it’s incredibly gratifying to capture eyes, freckles, curls, and even the totally 100% unscripted kiss, I swear! Take a peek below. Contact me for kids, teens, couples, family, and corporate photography in the Bay Area. 

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neilson outdoor family photography mcclellan ranch cupertino bay area daughter creek smile