Passions Rule

This is Keith Flemming, a graphic designer, a singer-songwriter, a poet, a photographer, an author, and a man on a pilgrimage. I stop for passions wherever I find them. I observe and study them. I learn from them, always. A life without passion is objectionable. You can quote me on that 🙂 Contact me for kids, teens, couples, family, portrait, and corporate photography in the…


One sister is heading to Boston, the other to Pennsylvania. I’ve watched them grow up from little girls into young women, and now they are now fully embarked. Chase your dreams, ladies! Contact me for kids, teens, couples, family, and corporate photography in the Bay Area. 


In between client projects, I’m always chasing lightEspecially when it radiates from people, their faces, freckles, and eyes One of my heartbeats, my daughter Legend: Pilot, husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, pioneer, diplomat, author, and consummate neighbor in the Wasatch Mountains Portrait of an artist as a young woman My neighbor’s beard is WAY cooler than your neighbor’s beard Catchlight! Catchlight! Contact me for kids,…

Tien, 2021

She’s a mother to four or fiveI’ve lost countShe’s sitting on a bucket in front of a brown fenceLight is goodWait, it’s greatSo I’m experimenting:The image is a panoramic It’s actually a composite of three imagesOne on the leftOne in the middleAnd one on the rightA shoulder, a face, and another shoulderThis technique enables me to capture insane amount of detailIn the face, skin,…

Business Pros

In retrospect, 2020 was a damn fine yearI photographedFamiliesCouplesTeensKidsBusiness prosAnd a variety of scenesHere are some of the business professionals I capturedIncluding a writer, a CEO, a coach, a yoga teacher, a lawyer, a singer-songwriterAnd even Utah’s most celebrated outdoorsman Contact me for kids, teens, couples, family, and corporate photography in the Bay Area.