Go East, Young Man


Gavin stared at anglers with wonder.
Wanna learn to fish, I asked.
He nodded yes.
Alright, I said, we’ll go fishing then.
Because go big or go home.
We planned.
We packed the car.
We left early one morning.
We stopped in Truckee for a snack.
Then Winnemucca for lunch.
By late afternoon, we made Elko.
Tired, thirsty.
We bellied up to a bar.
A Shirley Temple, no cherry, please.
Oh, and a Coors Light for me.
I got to drive still.
We relaxed and drank.
Three cowboys sized Gavin up.
One asked, Where you headed?
Utah, we’re going fishing, said Gavin.
Cowboy’s excitement bordered on ecstasy.
He jolted like a man on an untamed horse.
Fishing, you’re in luck, said Cowboy.
Go to Lamoille Canyon.
Not far from here, he added.
We were sold.
We finished our drinks.
We exchanged pleasantries.
Hit the road, made camp an hour later.
Then Gavin disappeared to explore the river.
I found him at just the right moment,
Crossing under shadows and a burst of light.
Splendid, magnificent, add your superlative of choice!

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