Downtown senior portrait session

When it comes to senior portraits, I thrill at the request, “Let’s do something different.” This graduate is ready to set foot on an unconventional path and explore the world beyond Chico, beyond California, and beyond the US entire. Although we started safely enough at the Rose Garden in San Jose, we quickly found ourselves in downtown San Jose, dodging trains and exploring construction zones. We discovered a killer spot behind Hapas Brewery, with corrugated metal and wood grain. Ends up that gritty urban scenes are perfect for senior photoshoots. Please click on thumbnails to see full-size images.

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Senior Photography

Candid Family Photography session

It started simply enough. I saw tall grass gone to seed on my street. Backlit no less. I was rapt, I savored it, knowing full well I would use it somehow. In the heart of San Jose, I’d found a rural scene, a stone’s throw from Walgreens, Dunn Edwards, and Yuki Sushi. My lovely neighbors accommodate my whims. Can I borrow your daughters, I asked. Adding: wearing something that suggests farm or prairie life. You bet, the parents said. The girls pranced out of the house and frolicked in the grass, not one, not two, but all three of them, dad included, an unexpected treat. In less than five minutes, we had a perfectly unscripted family photography micro session.

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Portrait of a Fireman

Firefighters make great subjects. Like most people, they carry their stories in their eyes and mouths, but mainly in their eyes, where different shades of intensity gleam. In the coming weeks, I’ll be spending time at a firehouse and am eager to see (and share) what I capture, hopefully a mix of candid headshots, environmental portraits, and maybe even documentary work on a call the firehouse runs. Stay tuned!

neilson bay area headshot photography photographer san jose fireman portrait

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Portraits: Six-in-One, 5/3

Eyes, always eyes. Start there, then everything else falls into place. Below are examples of portraits and headshots I’ve captured that start in the starting place, and slowly move out from there, integrating other key details: a cigarette tip, a dimple, wooden grain, earrings, a blazer, and a hand casually placed.

neilson creative corporate headshot portrait photography bay area san francisco santa clara san jose indoor outdoor black and white

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Bay Area Portrait Photography

One of the rewards of photography is the opportunity to capture people at different stages of life—from graduating seniors to business professionals—and visit gorgeous locations, like Yosemite, and photograph the world’s most iconic rock formation at different times of the day. Please enjoy!

Bay Area senior portraits



Landscape photography


Bay Area corporate headshots

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