Kolob Terrace, Virgin, UT

The Kolob Terrace in Virgin, Utah abuts Zion National Park. The terrace is ideally situated to minimize tourists and maximize compositions on the eastern horizon at twilight. Although this image isn’t as dramatic as Double Rainbow, I’m personally convinced it’s superior. It’s sharper, cleaner, wider, and more holistic. Maybe better integrated is the right phrase. The stone and grass in the foreground play an important role in introducing the layers of orange rock and dark clouds. Even the pinyon pines lead to the canyon peak beyond. The whole scene breathes nicely. I also think it would print better at the pixel level than Double Rainbow. Still, I love them both,—but suspect this may be one of the best landscape photos I’ve taken yet. What do you think?

neilson landscape photography zion national park kolob terrace virgin, UT boulders and clouds

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