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neilson photography getting outside reading climbing trees

That’s my daughter P., a wonder and a joy. I share this photo because it says something about the importance of the Old Ways. Getting outside, climbing trees, and reading books, analog preferably.

As you may know, depression and anxiety have spiked sharply among boys and girls since 2010, but especially for girls—and especially “liberal” girls. Boys and girls across the political spectrum are suffering, but liberal girls are suffering most. Why? 

One of my favorite thinkers and writers is Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist who studies morality and is “making sense of the momentous sociological, cultural, and epistemological changes that occurred in many nations in the early 2010s, which gave us the chaos, fragmentation, and outrage that began to set in by the mid-2010s.”

Although there are many causes of this transformation, Haidt identifies social media as “the largest single cause.”

He has recently launched a Substack called After Babel. It’s not paywalled, and I highly encourage you to subscribe to it if you’re interested (and worried) about the unintended effects of social media and what we can do about them in the future.

Peruse After Babel here: https://lnkd.in/gezD9cHR

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