Realtor Headshot Photography in San Jose

When you do headshot photography of a real estate agent, there’s a convention to follow. But when you nail the shot, you can depart from The Expected and do something different. Like politely asking your client to stand in shrubbery just so. Yes, standard professional headshots are important to have in your image library—but so too are creative portraits whose use case isn’t always…

Stranger Scenes: Street Portraits in San Jose

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been making street portraits of strangers in San Jose. I find a patch of light that shows promise. Then I wait. When a subject approaches the light, I introduce myself. My intro is magic. It works almost every time. I’ve learned a few things worth sharing. The public square is dominated by twenty- and thirtysomethings. When I…

Golden Hour

Everything I ever learned I learned in ancient mythology. Long hair is never just long hair. It has special powers. Take Meaghan, for instance, a structural engineer. Her golden tresses keep her brain warm and limber for hefty work—creating sketches, visualizing designs, and drafting specs, everything that’s needed to turn ideas into solid structures. Magnificent! Make Contact

Indoor and Outdoor Portraits

Winter crawls ever closer, gnarled hand by sharpened claw. But we’re fortunate to have a figure to protect us. An actor by day and a bright emblem at night, Abisola is the very picture of springtime, flinging butterflies and yellow beams of light. Radiant!  Studio Actor’s Headshot Outdoor Actor’s Headshot Bonus studio shot with wardrobe change Make Contact Explore More

BW Portraits and Headshots

When I became more intentional about portrait and headshot photography, there was a temptation to make things complicated. Two or three lights instead of one. Expensive canvas backdrops. Snoots, grids, and scrims. Best advice I ever got was to keep things simple. One light and a reflector, or maybe just a reflector,—or maybe neither, just ambient light only, depending. I love simplicity. It makes…