Outdoor Photo Shoot in the Bay Area

A few months ago, I collaborated with a French fashion designer on vacation in California, as she and her family explored the wine country in Sonoma, Napa, and even Cupertino. In fact, they discovered their favorite winery in the western foothills of Cupertino, where they found the very best wine that California has to offer at Picchetti Winery. Not far from Picchetti, we met…


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Headshots for Creative Professionals

Photographing creative professionals in a moody atmosphere with window light is my idea of heaven. You can quote me on that. I hope you like the portraits. Make Contact

Creative Headshots in the Bay Area

I love working with clients who are willing to explore new visual styles for headshot photography. So here’s a big shout-out to Traction, an SF-based marketing accelerator, whose team embraced the power of play and experimentation for leadership portraits. I’m delighted with the results. Thank you, Traction, your team is awesome! Click thumbs to view full-size images.   Make Contact

Stranger Scenes: Portraits

In no particular order. A barista, a cat with a human, an aspiring groom, a medical student, a piercing artist, and a businessman, quiet and moody like Kafka. But above all, strangers; first and foremost, we’re strangers. That’s our primary role. We’re quick to forget it because we cling to titles, personas, and facades. Street portrait photography, at least as I try to practice…