Moulton Barn in the Grand Tetons

My family and I are back from a road trip that saw us from the Ruby Mountains in Nevada, through the Wasatch range in Utah, to the Bridger-Teton Forest in Wyoming.

This is an image of the famous Moulton Barn on Mormon Row, which sits at the feet of the Grand Tetons.

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I arrived at 4:30 in the morning and had the place to myself till 5:30 or so.

Although the sky didn’t blaze at dawn, I like how the color of the wood—a warm brown-orange, an almost vital living color—has an opportunity to stand out, complementing the pink and magentas on the horizon in the right part of the frame.

I also like how the gable of the structure sits neatly among the peaks of the Tetons in the distance.

Plus, the bottom right portion of the image is dominated by tufts of grass and fragments of stone.

The dusty emptiness, encroaching on the barn, is a powerful reminder that as beautiful as the landscape is, it’s difficult to scratch out a living in such circumstances as pioneers did in the long ago.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I do.

Here are additional images that make the cut but lack—at least for me—the magic of the panoramic above.

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