Face The Light

I’m in the City at a coffee shop called Farley’s.
The place is thronging with guests.
And for good reason.
The vibe and coffee are great.
At a table next to me,
Four friends are talking and laughing.
Their banter is infectious.
I listen to them.
I watch them carefully.
Then I home in on one.
She brings great energy to the scene.
Plus, she’s graced by light streaming in from the window.
One of her friends leaves the table.
I shuffle over and plop down in the empty seat.
Hi, I say, warmly.
I want to photograph you.
What for, she asked.
Because I chase good light,
And it’s transfiguring your face right now, I add, lamely.
Her friends chuckle at my remark.
But she doesn’t chuckle back.
She just looks at me, friendly and puzzled.
Sure, she says, go for it.
I smile, she smiles.
Our eyes connect, briefly.
And the camera shutters of its own volition,
Preserving 1/125 of a second in digital immortality.

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