Family Photography at the San Jose Rose Garden

Family photography at the Rose Garden in San Jose, whether it’s a full or a mini family session, always yields stunning results. Brick and mortar, iron-wrought gates, and of course roses exploding with colors provide a beautiful backdrop for capturing families and children anytime of the year but especially in the fall. Make Contact Explore More

Bay Area Family Photography

Outdoor family photography in the Bay Area never ceases to amaze me. The combination of natural elements is endless: mountains, creeks, oaks, bays, needle grass, goldenrod, and mottled light. It’s a family photographer’s paradise. Please click to view full size images. I hope you enjoy. Make Contact Explore More


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Family Photography in Cupertino, CA

I love photographing families, especially brothers, in a beautiful outdoor setting like McClellan Ranch in Cupertino, CA. Everyone’s relaxed and more likely to be themselves. Against a stunning backdrop, with towering oak trees, bay laurels, and redwoods, it’s an excellent way to capture family bonds and lasting memories. Please click on thumbnails to view full-size images. Make Contact

Family Photography in Gilroy, CA

Thanks to its natural beauty, Gilroy, CA is a great location for outdoor family photography. And a family portrait session isn’t just about capturing memories. It’s about preserving the legacy of different generations, especially the bond between mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters. Documenting memories and preserving legacy is something that will never go out of style. Please click on thumb to view full…