Stranger Scenes: Street Portrait Photography

I was on assignment in San Francisco at the Ferry Building. The project was a wrap. Gear trundling behind me, I schlepped back to my car. Two Strangers caught my eye, but I sailed right on by them. A lost opportunity. A block later: regret. I stopped and fumed silently. Then I turned round and hustled back their way. Hi. All candor and self-effacement….

Instruments of Decay

Suitably creepy pics of old-world artifacts under forest duff in mottled light at the Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur on HWY 1. And, yes, that’s a deer carcass—or found art, depending on just how ghoulish you really are. Happy Halloween! Explore More

Collection: Dr. Vinay Prasad

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Vinay Prasad in San Francisco and making some portraits of him. The first image I shared was black and white. It was dramatic and perhaps a little too moody. After all, Dr. Prasad is a smiler. Truly. Here’s a fuller collection where you can see him under the influence of color. Make Contact Explore More

Dr. Vinay Prasad

When I told family and friends, a couple of whom are doctors and research scientists, that I was photographing Dr. Vinay Prasad, one said, “Be sure to capture his heroic visage.” Another said, “Thank him for his clarity, honesty, and courage.” I did both, I hope! For more on Dr. Prasad, check out his: —Observations on Fauci’s retirement:—Views on vaccine efficacy and forward transmission of…

Portraits: Six-in-One, 5/3

Eyes, always eyes. Start there, then everything else falls into place. Below are examples of portraits and headshots I’ve captured that start in the starting place, and slowly move out from there, integrating other key details: a cigarette tip, a dimple, wooden grain, earrings, a blazer, and a hand casually placed. Contact me for kids, teens, family, portrait, and headshot photography in the San Francisco…