Stranger Scenes

January, 2020.
San Francisco, Maiden Lane.
I was hired to photograph staff in the City.
Everything went swimmingly.
Results were fantastic.
Look here.

But the shot list was short.
In 17 minutes, we were done.
Except I wasn’t.
I still wanted to shoot.
So I plunked down two chairs in the street.
I set up shop and waited.
I didn’t wait long.
I saw someone interesting.
I want to photograph you, I said.
Are you game?
He sized me up in a hurry.
Absolutely, he said, with enthusiasm.
We hung out for five minutes.
That’s all it took.

neilson street portrait photography photographer bay area san francisco maiden lane knit cap cigarette brown eyes

When he left, I waited more.
I saw someone else who was intriguing.
Pleasantries were exchanged.
Then we got to work.

neilson street portrait photography photographer bay area san francisco maiden lane brown eyes red lips

All told, I photographed three strangers.
And I loved every minute of it.
I’m now addicted to street portrait photography in a big way.
2020 has a new theme for my work.
I ardently hope that clients—corporate, family, or solo professionals—
Hire me for precisely this style and approach of photography.

neilson street portrait photography photographer bay area san francisco maiden lane dapper hat smoker

It’s now part of my repertoire.
So please keep me in mind.
Now let’s go shoot!

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Landscape photography at Rancho San Antonio in Cupertino while in hot pursuit of a coyote but cornering yellow flowers instead

Camera in hand,
I chased a coyote through dry brush,
Over two ridge lines
And into a valley,
Where she lost me for good.
In a sweat,
I plopped down, frustrated.
I complained to myself.
At last, I looked up
In a field of yellow wild flowers,
Sagely nodding in the breeze.
I chuckled.
Lesson learned,
I gathered them up in a single frame
And returned home.

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Details in a Country Vineyard

Outside of Healdsburg, CA, deep in a maze of unimproved dirt roads, there’s a country vineyard called TEN Springs Ranch.

It’s a steep, wild, and beautiful place.

I was there with family and friends for an annual celebration.

When I had my fill of conversation, I struck out alone to capture details that often go unnoticed. Tendrils and spears of grass, grain and mortar, trellis and wire tighteners, and other small things just waiting to be discovered.


Details are huge. When you add them up—poor, humble, and unknown as they are—you get amazing places. Like vineyards or churchyards or schoolyards or even backyards.

As I pondered a square bolt, one of my favorite Details in the world startled me.

Dad, she said, brightly. Look what I caught.

Turning round, I looked very carefully. There they were, five little fingers holding one bigger finger, an iridescent blue throat gulping air, and a smile as broad as the Russian River.

family portrait girl lizard bokeh

Now that’s a scene worth capturing.

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