Outdoor Photo Shoot in the Bay Area

A few months ago, I collaborated with a French fashion designer on vacation in California, as she and her family explored the wine country in Sonoma, Napa, and even Cupertino. In fact, they discovered their favorite winery in the western foothills of Cupertino, where they found the very best wine that California has to offer at Picchetti Winery. Not far from Picchetti, we met…

Bay Area Headshot Photography

Two aspects of photography are incredibly gratifying: photographing a former colleague I’ve always admired AND seeing your work show up beautifully in editorial. Happy, happy, indeed. Thank you Edith Bendermacher for our collaboration. I especially enjoyed the amazing new office space at NetApp and chasing fantastic light on Santana Row! To learn more about localization, please visit MultiLingual Media. Headshots of a localization professional MultiLingual Media…

Professional Headshots in San Francisco

Fresh out of grad school, I landed my first job at an advertising and marketing agency in Palo Alto. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Agency life leaves a mark. It changes the way you think, the way you plan and execute, and the way you interact with people. A few weeks ago, I photographed team members at Traction, an SF-based…

Outdoor Headshots for the Leadership Team at Ripple

Capturing professional headshots outdoors comes with its share of challenges and opportunities. Elements like wind, shifting natural light, passing vehicles, and the constant presence of pedestrians add an element of risk and surprise. However, during a recent three-day outing that spanned many locations, we skillfully navigated those obstacles and reaped the ultimate reward: awesome outdoor portraits. Make Contact Explore More

Of Metal and Words

She shapes meaning with wordsHe fashions objects—both beautiful and useful—from metalThey’re partners in life, a great team, a wonderful familyIt’s always an honor to work with creative professionals in the San Francisco Bay AreaChasing exquisite light for outdoor portrait and headshot photographyClick on thumbnails to view the full-sized imagesPlease enjoy! Make Contact Explore More