Creative Headshots in the Bay Area

I love working with clients who are willing to explore new visual styles for headshot photography. So here’s a big shout-out to Traction, an SF-based marketing accelerator, whose team embraced the power of play and experimentation for leadership portraits. I’m delighted with the results. Thank you, Traction, your team is awesome! Click thumbs to view full-size images.   Make Contact

Personal Brand Photography

Personal brand photography is a powerful marketing tool for executive coaches and strategic advisors in the San Francisco Bay Area. It helps them develop their persona and present themselves professionally in a tightly contested market. A personal brand photoshoot builds credibility and professionalism, bolsters their online presence, and makes connections with audiences and potential clients. If you’re interested in learning more, I’m happy to…

Headshots: Model, Actor, and Beyond

When you’re fortunate enough to photograph a former actor and model turned aspiring director, your work should intersect with three overlapping worlds, blending auditions and performances, runways and fashion, and casts and screenplays into a set of visuals worthy of the silver screen. At least that was my sincere ambition during this recent photo shoot. Click thumbnails to view full-size images.  Make Contact

Professional Outdoor Headshots

The universe sent me Padmini Parthasarathy, so we conspired to create a scene of rich plum accents dancing on a surface of golden-green apples. In case you think anything is left to chance in the world of visual design, skip on on over to her newly launched website at, because purple is more than just a color—it’s a design principle. Make Contact

Realtor Headshot Photography in San Jose

When you do headshot photography of a real estate agent, there’s a convention to follow. But when you nail the shot, you can depart from The Expected and do something different. Like politely asking your client to stand in shrubbery just so. Yes, standard professional headshots are important to have in your image library—but so too are creative portraits whose use case isn’t always…