neilson portrait photography outdoor candid natural light wilderness utah beard

He’s nameless to most people
To me he’s Utah’s Most Celebrated Outdoorsman
Granted, it’s a little long for a nickname
But it’s a damn fine description
So that definitely counts for something
Anyhow, real moments are elusive snow leopards
It’s always a privilege to witness them
Man, I love photography!

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Meet V for Vinita.
She leads marketing for a startup in the City.
Yep, that City, the city by the Bay.
Often my favorite images don’t make the cut.
They’re off.
They’re not polished.
And they’re not worth sharing with the client.
Still, these outcast photographs mean a lot to me.
They capture fleeting moments of joy, surprise, laughter, happiness.
Which are they very things that result in photographs that do make the final cut.
Like this one.

Portrait of an executive in sf vinita