Snow White and the Baby Bump

I’m on a road trip with my family.
We’re in a remote area.
Castle Lake.
Suddenly we’re not alone.
Poof, a young woman appears.
She is sprung from the forehead of Walt Disney himself.
Snow White is pregnant.
Carefully she steps into the lake.
She arranges her dress like a blue lily pad on the surface of the water.
Satisfied, Snow White says, I’m ready.
Another young woman appears at the water’s edge.
Her bestie.
She has a mobile phone.
Bestie says, Smile.
Snow White goes timeless.
Snap goes the maternity picture.
They’re done.
But I’m not.
I obtrude, politely.
Can I photograph you, I ask.
Awkward pause.
Snow White is sizing me up, I suppose.
Creepy middle-aged man.
Middle of nowhere.
Wait, a wife.
Oh, and two kids.
I imagine all this in 1/1,000 of a second.
Snow White says, Yes.
Snap, snap, snap go the maternity pictures.
Which are now safely gifted to Snow White and her magical kingdom.

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