Outdoor Photo Shoot in the Bay Area

A few months ago, I collaborated with a French fashion designer on vacation in California, as she and her family explored the wine country in Sonoma, Napa, and even Cupertino. In fact, they discovered their favorite winery in the western foothills of Cupertino, where they found the very best wine that California has to offer at Picchetti Winery. Not far from Picchetti, we met at McClellan Ranch, a rural backwater of Cupertino, and played with different poses and outdoor photography styles, ranging from headshots to environmental portraits, from color to black and white. It also gave me an opportunity to explore different editing techniques and styles. Our outing was a great reminder that collaboration is one of the most effective methods for breaking out of a creative rut and trying something new. Thank you, Hélène Marquet!

outdoor portrait lifestyle photo shoot with fashion designer from france cinematic

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