Outdoor High School Portraits

Celebrate your high school graduate’s individuality with creative outdoor senior portraits. As a professional portrait photographer, I love showcasing your teen’s style while utilizing the stunning landscapes in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re interested in learning more about scheduling a high school senior portrait session that beautifully captures your graduate’s journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Make Contact

Family Photography in Cupertino, CA

I love photographing families, especially brothers, in a beautiful outdoor setting like McClellan Ranch in Cupertino, CA. Everyone’s relaxed and more likely to be themselves. Against a stunning backdrop, with towering oak trees, bay laurels, and redwoods, it’s an excellent way to capture family bonds and lasting memories. Please click on thumbnails to view full-size images. Make Contact

High School Senior Portrait Photography in the Bay Area

Creative senior portraits are a great way for parents of high school graduates to capture their teen’s unique qualities before they leave home for college. As a high school senior portrait photographer, I take advantage of diverse landscapes and architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area, from waterfronts and cityscapes to rural fields. My goal is to capture your graduate’s style and personality while…

Professional Headshots: Six-in-One, 6/1

There’s no one right way to photograph a subject, but there are always better and worse ways of capturing a professional headshot. I start by asking basic questions. Spending time, even if only briefly, listening to answers and observing body language helps me navigate endless choices on location and during post production. Here are a few of my kick starters: —Who are you?—What’s the…

Downtown senior portrait session

When it comes to senior portraits, I thrill at the request, “Let’s do something different.” This graduate is ready to set foot on an unconventional path and explore the world beyond Chico, beyond California, and beyond the US entire. Although we started safely enough at the Rose Garden in San Jose, we quickly found ourselves in downtown San Jose, dodging trains and exploring construction…